Sports Massage and the treatment of Trigger Points

The Sports Massage is a massage not only for athletes and all those who practice intense or regular physical activity, but also for those who like more toned massage. This is a massage that helps improve athletic performance and prevents pain and the risk of injury. In the case where the patient has muscle nodes, a treatment of trigger points will be applied to relieve / cure the pain.

A Trigger Point is treated by applying enough pressure on the area concerned with the fingertips or knuckles. The pain that is triggered varies depending on the degree of inflammation. Normally these nodes do not go away as quickly as they came, sometimes it is necessary to treat them several times.

These massages are made with 100% natural essential oils and prepared by hand on site.

Trigger Point – what is it?

A Trigger Point is a hyperirritability focused area that is locally sensitive to pressure and can cause symptoms (usually pain) in other areas of the body. Trigger points are described in almost all soft tissues of the body, including muscles, muscle fasciae, periosteum, ligaments, and skin.

Simply put, the trigger point is a painful and knotted muscle.

Trigger points have a tendency to develop when a muscle remains contracted too long. They are not limited to sports people, but a trigger point can form just from sitting at your office or computer for too long ! Here is a list of common circumstances likely to lead to the formation of a trigger point:

  1. Excessive muscular contraction or overuse
    (eg. repetitive movements)
  2. Irritation / lesion / muscle trauma
  3. Perceived pain
  4. Rigidification of a muscle
  5. Extended shortening
    (a muscle that adapts by shortening, tends to increase its contraction)
  6. Extended stretching
    (If a muscle is stretched excessively or too fast, the stretching reflex will be triggered, causing the active stiffening of the muscle).
  7. Stress
Source: Joseph E. Muscolino Manual of Bony and Muscular Palpation

Kinesiotape and the application

Neuro Muscular Taping (NMT) is a technique that involves the application of an adhesive tape (tape) to the skin, with direct and local therapeutic effect. The correct application can reduce pain, facilitate lymphatic drainage and improve blood supply through the formation of skin folds. The NMT technique is based on facilitating the movement of the skin and muscle movements on the blood and lymphatic vessels to achieve a therapeutic biomechanical effect on the treated areas.

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