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What is Cellulite? best anti cellulite massage

An aesthetic disadvantage more than a health problem. I will help you eliminate cellulite by choosing the best anti cellulite massage to fight the orange peel effect!

Cellulite affects up to 90% of women to varying degrees against 2% of men. Cellulite is an accumulation of fat cells just below our skin. These fat cells, called adipocytes, are stored under the skin tissue and deform over time. The result is that the skin is no longer smooth and it is said to have an “orange peel” appearance. In addition and contrary to common beleif, it is not necessarily a question of weight or size: orange peel effect also touches the thin or healthy people. Cellulite is located mainly in the belly, buttocks, thighs, or the inner side of the knees.

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Cellulite and our cells

What are the causes of Cellulite?

A poor diet is often invoked to explain the appearance of cellulite, but there are many other reasons. The main causes of cellulite are:

> Hormonal Influence

From puberty to menopause, female hormones (estrogen, progesterone) promote the deposition of fat cells and water retention in vulnerable areas. Pregnancy and anovulants reinforce this trend. Hormone replacement therapy after menopause prolongs the process (without hormone therapy, cellulite stops evolving).

> Anatomy

In women, the fibers connecting the epidermis to the subcutaneous tissue are in the form of spaced strips between which the fat cells accumulate, forming cellulite. (In humans, these fibers are intertwined, forming a lattice that keeps the skin smooth). These fat dimples interfere with the flow of blood through our body and effects the tissue. Poorly oxygenated and poorly drained tissues retain water and, in the long run, the cellulite becomes sclerotic and becomes hard and permanent nodules.

> Obesity

Every extra kilo accentuates the problem, since cellulite is essentially fat.

> Sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise, which prevent fats and water from circulating properly in the body.

To identify your type of Cellulite …

There are three types of cellulite:

  • Fat cellulite: due to excess fat in the cells;
  • Water cellulite: due to excess water in the cells;
  • Fibrous cellulite: cellulite, usually fat, long established.

How to act and how to get rid of it ?

To eliminate cellulite, you have to act on all levels! Balanced nutrition, regular sports activity and an adapted massage remain the best weapons to dislodge encrusted cellulite.

For Anti-Cellulite, I offer massages with a basic and natural vegetable oil combined with essential oils, which stimulate the drainage of liquids and microcirculation. The massage will be adapted to the case that presents itself and in general will be done with maneuvers such as palpate rolling, kneading and smoothing.

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