Manual Lymph Drainage

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (or MLD) according to the Vodder method is a massage technique that consists of a sequence of light, slow and regular applied pressure, without oil, on the skin. The goal is to stimulate the circulation of lymph and detoxify the body, while strengthening the immune system at the same time. Manual lymph drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage can be used therapeutically or aesthetically, in a global way, and in all cases, the MLD brings a sensation of great relaxation.

A lymphatic drainage session lasts 60 minutes. After a detailed anamnesis – to highlight possible diseases and determine exactly the disorders involved – the therapist defines the treatment plan: in this sense, it will be necessary to provide approximately 10 minutes more for the first session.

A Draining Massage with Multiple Benefits!

Therapeutic applications:

  • lymphoedema and venous edema
  • lipodemas (lipo-lymphedema, lipo-phlebo-lymphedema)
  • pre and postoperative care
  • traumatic injuries
  • hematomas
  • complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS, Südeck).
  • chronic inflammations
  • diseases of the digestive system, constipation
  • connective tissue diseases (rheumatism, arthrosis, arthropathies)
  • dermatological problems
  • neurological disorders
  • “ENT” pathology (wax caps, sinusitis, bronchitis) and ophthalmological diseases
  • migraines, stress
  • insomnia
  • bruxism (grinding of teeth)
  • following tooth extraction (wisdom tooth)
  • palliative care.

Aesthetic applications:

  • simple acne
  • rosacea, puffy face
  • Stretch mark prevention
  • cellulite
  • water retention, heavy legs
  • improvement of healing after surgery or preparation of the skin before surgery.

Bandages and Kinesiotape – Complementary Benefits!

Compressive Bandages in Lymphatic Drainage

MLD allows the elimination of lymphatic stasis in the tissues. To help improve this, and also in the case where there is a significant edema, the therapy is completed by compression bandages.

Kinesiotape in Lymphatic Drainage

Neuro Muscular Taping (NMT) is a technique that involves the application of tape to the skin, with a direct local and therapeutic effect. The correct application can reduce pain, facilitate lymphatic drainage and improve blood supply through the formation of skin folds. The NMT technique is based on facilitating the movement of the skin and muscle movements on the blood and lymphatic vessels so as to achieve a therapeutic biomechanical effect on the treated areas.

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Contraindications of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

There are still some contraindications or times when the MLD is not appropriate. In case of questions, you should not hesitate to discuss with us or with your doctor.

Absolute contraindications:

  • acute infections
  • tuberculosis
  • recent thromboses
  • decompensated heart failure
  • decompensated kidney failure
  • malignant tumors (treatment only with medical prescription)

Related Contraindications:

  • hypo or hyperthyroidism (no cervical massage)
  • high blood pressure
  • treated cancer (with doctor’s agreement)
  • pregnancy (no belly massage in the first 12 weeks)
  • menstruation (no deep belly massage during first days)
  • asthma (no deep chest massage)
  • …….

Above all, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on the care and massages provided.

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